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摘要: ◎译名 后裔2◎片名 Descendants 2◎年代 2017◎产地 美国◎类别 喜剧/动作/奇幻/冒险◎语言 英语◎字幕 英语字幕◎上映日期 2017-07-21(美国)◎IMDb评分 6.8/10 from 2,638 users◎豆瓣评分 5.9/10 from 107 users◎文件格式 x264 ...

◎译  名 后裔2
◎片  名 Descendants 2
◎年  代 2017
◎产  地 美国
◎类  别 喜剧/动作/奇幻/冒险
◎语  言 英语
◎字  幕 英语字幕
◎上映日期 2017-07-21(美国)
◎IMDb评分  6.8/10 from 2,638 users
◎豆瓣评分 5.9/10 from 107 users
◎文件格式 x264 + aac
◎视频尺寸 1280 x 720
◎文件大小 1CD
◎导  演 肯尼·奥特加 Kenny Ortega
◎主  演 德芙·卡梅隆 Dove Cameron
      索菲亚·卡尔森 Sofia Carson
      波波·斯图尔特 BooBoo Stewart
      Cameron Boyce
      琪娜·安妮·麦克兰 China Anne McClain
      米切尔·霍普 Mitchell Hope
      杰迪代亚·古达克 Jedidiah Goodacre
      Brenna D'Amico
      Ursula Taherian
      Anthony Rogers

◎简  介

  When the pressure to be royally perfect becomes too much for Mal| she returns to her rotten roots on the Isle of the Lost where her archenemy Uma| the daughter of Ursula from The Little Mermaid| has taken her spot as self-proclaimed queen of the run-down town. Uma| still resentful over not being selected by Ben to go to btzz.org Auradon Prep with the other Villain Kids| stirs her pirate gang including Captain Hook's son Harry and Gaston's son Gil| to break the barrier between the Isle of the Lost and Auradon| and unleash all the villains imprisoned on the Isle once and for all.













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